SSP: £299.99
Part No: A-BH005
Black Horse Excel 2000 ARTF Trainer

For those that prefer their trainers with a flat bottom wing section, the Black Horse Excel 2000 is the ideal choice.

Its ability to remain unflustered at low speed is amazing and many a pilot owes his successful introduction into R/C to an Excel.

The reduced dihedral compared to other models offers a more precise co-ordinated roll yet is progressive and positive. The long tail 'moment' helps to smooth out the landing approach and the sturdy tricycle undercarriage soaks up those less than perfect 'arrivals'.
Wingspan 1540mm (61")
Length 115mm (45")
Servos 4 (Req.)
Radio System 4 Channel
IC Motor .40 - 46 2-Stroke (Rec.)

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