SSP: £549.99
Part No: A-BH102
Black Horse Sea Fury 33cc ARTF

One of the very last piston engined fighters to enter Royal Navy service, the Sea Fury had the distinction of being the only such aircraft to shoot down a Mig15 in combat during the Korean conflict. The early jets had the top end performance but the Sea Fury could dogfight harder and carrier operations were easier.

The Black Horse Sea Fury FB11 is a very faithful model of this classic fighter. Very little has been compromised from scale to make sure that those classic lines are not lost. Even the very complex curves have been replicated using balsa shaping techniques unique to the Black Horse engineers.

She has been designed at a size that uses the popular 33 - 40cc petrol engines like the OS GT-33 and the performance with that level of power is exactly as you would expect...exhilarating! Wide loops, graceful chandelles and long rolls are a joy to perform. Control responses are strong yet progressive, thanks to optimised areas and shielded hinge lines. Black Horse has reduced hinge gaps to a minimum by using inset, fixed hinges and pivot rods. Doing it the easy way with plastic hinges was dismissed in the pursuit of scale detail and flight performance.

General construction is from Laser-cut balsa and ply parts that are jig assembled and then covered in an authentic, printed-vinyl covering that is durable and damage resistant. There are even some small pieces of the various colours included to repair the odd 'ding'.

The cowling is moulded in GRP to be both light and strong. It is of course painted in matching colours to the vinyl. Detailed mouldings are mixture of GRP and ABS according to need. The cockpit and pilot are cases in point, and you would go a long way to do better yourself!

The Sea Fury is fully equipped with air retracts as standard, utilising totally new, metal-bodied units and sprung oleos.

For transportation, in even a modest car, the wings are removable as are the individual tailplane halves.

Hard to resist? We think so!!!

Wingspan 1950mm (76.77)
Length 1757mm (69.17")
Weight 6.8Kg (14.96 lb)
Servos 8 Servos
Radio System 6/7 Channel (Req.)
IC Engine 35 - 40cc Petrol

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