SSP: £729.99
Part No: A-BH108
Black Horse Hawker Hurricane MkI 50cc ARTF

The Hawker Hurricane is probably the most underated aircraft of WWII. In the Battle of Britain, the Hurricane accounted for more German aircraft shot down than any other, and by some considerable margin. The solid flying performance and concentrated .303 browning machine guns made her deadly. Pilots loved her because she would take immense damage and still get home, a true workhorse. many still survive in flying condition to this day.

Black Horse have developed their version the Hurricane with all this heritage very much in mind. Great care has gone into replicating a faithful shape and adding as many scale details as possible. The result is a beautiful model that has extremely forgiving flight performance and is easy to take off and land. Much like the original really!!

Like all Black Horse Models, the detailed CAD design is translated into an airframe using Laser cut balsa and ply parts and then hand assembled by skilled workers in the factory. Jigs are used throughout assembly and even the incidences are carefully checked and adjusted using instruments before covering. Several key parts like the cowl are moulded in GRP and other details in Vacuum-formed ABS plastic. That 'stringer' rear fuselage is there and adds a lot to the scale realism. Wherever possible, the scale shape has been faithfully followed. The only departures from scale are barely noticeable and help with the operation of the model.

The colour scheme is an authentic one from 1940 and replicates an aircraft flown by Squadron Leader 'Hawkeye' Lee of 501 Sqn operating from RAF Gravesend. The printed viinyl covering has been colour matched as closely as possible to the true 1940 colours and the painting of the cowl etc sprayed in the same manner.

Flaps are standard and you also get a full set of air retracts with sprung oleo legs as well. These all new retracts are now totally made of aluminium with mostly cast frames and pivots. Even the joining sections for the pipework are new and the operating valve now use O-ring seals on the nipples. The whole system is air tested in the factory before shipping.

Both wings and tailplane halves can be detached for transport making the Hurricane easy to move to and from the flying field in an average hatchback or estate car.
Wingspan 2210mm (87")
Length 1680mm (66.14")
Weight 7.5Kg (16.6lbs)
Servos 9 servos (6kg minimum)
Radio System 7-9 Channel (Req.)
Retracts Air type with oles (Inc.)
IC Engine 50-55cc Petrol (Req.)

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