SSP: £269.99
Part No: A-BH128
Black Horse Fieseler Storch EP ARTF

Based on the famous Fiesler Fi156 Storch, this smaller version has been designed for EP power alone using popular 2814 size motors and 3S 2200mAh Li-po packs.

Just like the 30cc version, this one still has all the scale features such as slats and working flaps, simulated control surface mass balances and good internal cockpit detail.

The model is designed to be dis-assembled for transport/storage making ownership easy for modellers with even the smallest of cars.

Flight performance is what you would expect from a Storch, fairly sedate, but that is the point of it! Getting her in and out of the tightest and smallest flying sites is probably the main attribute for a Storch. You stand a good chance of being barred from club spot landing competitions through having an unfair advantage!

General handling is 'soft' and predictable and requires the co-ordination of rudder with aileron to get scale turns, just like the real one. If you are looking for aerobatics, the Storch is certainly not high on the list. Soemtimes, a different style of flying with different techniques is as challenging as the latest aerobatic manouevre.

• Covered with high-quality, printed vinyl covering film
• Scale slats and flaps
• Large easy access battery hatch
• Lightweight CNC construction
• Simulated scale undercarriage
Wingspan 1,800mm (70.87")
Length 1,210mm (47.64")
Weight 2.1 kg (4.62 lb)
Servos 4 Mini (Req.)
Radio System 4 Channel (Req.)
LiPo 3S 11.1V 3200mAh (Req.)
Electric Motor KMS Quantum 2814/08 (Req.)
Speed Controller 60A (Req.)

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