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SSP: £1099.99
Part No: A-BH175
Black Horse Viper Jet 120 EDF ARTF

• Ready for your choice of electric retracts (Not included)
• CNC Metal suspension structs included
• Balsa & plywood construction
• Covered in high quality heat shrink printed film

Parts listing required (not included):
• Radio:8 channels minimum.
• Servo: 8 standard high torque servos, size (33 x 17mm)
• Engine: EDF 120mm.
• Battery: 10S - 12S LIPO 37V-44.4 V.
• ESC: 160A.

Recommended EDF and Battery set up(not included):
• Engine: Ducted Fan EDF JETFAN-120 eco Ejets+ HET 800-68-685.
• Battery: 12S (44.4V) 6000mAh 40C LiPo
• ESC: 160A HV
• Engine: Ducted Fan EDF Schubeler DS-86-AXI HDS 120mm + TP 5660-9D motor
• Battery: 10S (37V) 6000mAh 40C LiPo
• ESC: 160A HV
EDF Fan Diameter 120mm (Req.)
Aerofoil NACA
Wingspan 1,885mm (74.21")
Length 1,820mm (71.65")
Weight 8.9 - 9.1kg (19.58 - 20 lbs)
Servos 8 Standard High Torque (33 x 17mm) (Req.)
Radio System 8+ Channels (Req.)
Retracts Trike (92.55 x 51 x 35.1mm) (Req.)
Wing Area 62.2 dm2
Wing Loading 143.1 g/dm2
Speed Controller 160A HV (Req.)
LiPo 10-12S 6000mAh Li-Po (Req.)
Carton Size 1820 x490 x440mm - 11.5Kg gross weight

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