SSP: £349.99
Part No: A-CF004
Ripmax WOT 4 XL Mk2 ARTF

Is there anything better than the legendary WOT 4 – well there is now with the release of the new WOT 4 XL! Boasting a 68” wingspan and with a huge 6.7 sq ft wing area combined with the light all up weight of around 8 1/2 lbs (3.85Kg) means that the WOT 4 XL is even smoother and easier to fly, yet is still fully aerobatic, even at remarkably low airspeeds. This light wing loading also makes for an incredibly low stalling speed and simplifies landings, with a .90~1.20 two or four stroke engine being enough for a sparkling performance and extended verticals with engines at the top end of the range.

Engine mount addendum
To enable a wide variety of engines to be fitted to the WOT4 XL, the model is no longer supplied with the firewall pre-drilled and the captive nuts installed.

The engine mount supplied in the kit is now the Great Planes style of adjustable mount. It is simple and convenient to use and will work for most .60 to 1.20 size engines.

This addendum replaces Step 42 in the manual.

Download the Addendum here.
Wingspan 1730mm (68.0”)
Length 1535mm (60.4”)
Servos 3 x 5kg, 1 x 8Kg, 1 x 3kg Servos (Req.)
Radio System 5 Channel (Req.)
IC Engine .90~1.20 2 or 4 Stroke (Req.)

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