SSP: £89.99
Part No: A-EF163130
EF Sabre Helicopter

The fabulous new 'Sabre' is a simple and durable model that gets you into model helicopter flight in an amazingly short time. The only real delay is in charging the flight pack!!

Based on the tried and tested 'fixed pitch' rotor system, the Sabre features high lift main blades made from impact resistant plastic, to protect against those inevitable early mishaps.

All other plastic components are moulded from durable engineering plastic and are accurately pre-assembled for you in the factory.

All the critical electronic items such as the receiver, twin speed controllers and gyro are 'integrated' into a single lightweight unit and have been purpose designed and 'tuned' for the Sabre.

There's no need for complex radio setups with this one. If you do suffer an accident, a full set of spare parts can be obtained from your local model shop at stunningly low prices.

No need to worry there, and you can be back in the air in no time. The simple design makes the
fitment of spares a minor challenge rather than a long chore. There's never been a simpler and cost effective way to get into R/C helicopters.

Main Features:
• 99% Ready to Fly
• Simple Design Concept
• Full Spare Parts Backup
• Full Radio Supplied
(inc Transmitter.) 35mhz FM
• High Lift Main Blades
• Receiver/Speed
Controller/Gyro Module
• High Quality 650mah NiMH
Flight Pack included
• Durable 370 Class Electric Motor
• Separate Servos for easy replacement/repair.
Electric Motor 370 Class

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