SSP: £35.99
Part No: A-IKMPD
Ikarus Multiplayer AWC Dongle

This Multi-Player AWC Dongle is designed for Two-Player Mode (for Interface and Game Commander) and can be simply connected to a free USB port.

But it does not replace the Original Dongle for the Aerofly Professional Deluxe (which has to be connected at all time no matter whether it is the Interface or Game Commander Version!!).

The Multi-Player AWC Dongle can also be used:

• For the current Game Commander Version: The Multi-Player AWC Dongle is plugged in in addition to the Game Commander and can be used as single or multi-player version.

• For the current Interface Version: For all Graupner transmitters (except M22, which requires in addition the adapter # 31036!). For all transmitters use the Adapter # 31047!

Please pay attention: Interface cable operation is not possible with a Graupner MC-19/MC-24 transmitter with DSC Module (Order No. 3290.24)!

Content: USB Dongle, 1.8 m (approx. 6 ft) cable with 3.5 mm cinch connector

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