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SSP: £74.99
Part No: A-JS-6301V2
Joysway Eaglet V2 Seaplane 2.4GHz RTF

The Joysway Mini Eaglet V2 boasts all the great flying characteristics of the original model, with an updated colour scheme and a new 320mAh LIFEPO4 battery and charger to suit. With the extra power over the NiMH flight times are now longer than ever.

The Joysway Eaglet is designed as the perfect first float plane. Weighing only 145g and compact in size (620mm wingspan) it is especially suited to smaller flying sites.

The crash resistant EPO fuselage and wing offer great durability on land/sea and excellent performance in the air! With it's powerful 180 size brushed motor there is plenty of punch to accelerate from the water into the air.

Joysway's sleek designed 4 channel 2.4GHz transmitter is also included meaning all you need to add is 4 x 'AA' batteries and you can be ready to fly within minutes.
Wingspan 620mm (24.4”)
Length 538mm (21.1”)
Weight 145g
Servos 4 x Micro (Inc.)
Radio System 4 Channel 2.4GHz (Inc.)
Charger USB & DC Adaptor (Inc.)
Electric Motor 180 Brushed (Inc.)
Speed Controller 5A ESC (Inc.)
LiPo 9.6v 320mAh LIFEPO4 (Inc.)

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