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SSP: £499.99
Part No: A-JSM004S
JSM Mini Xcalibur E (Sport) - 90mm EDF Composite ARTF

The Mini Xcalibur-E is designed for EDF fans from the start. The inlets have been increased in area and the ducting modified to suit the specific requirements of a 90mm EDF unit.

To match the power of its turbine counterpart you need to install a 90mm EDF unit, 100A HV ESC and a pair of 4S 4500mAh batteries. This setup is capable of really hauling the Mini Xcalibur E around at speed without the expense of a turbine.

The JSM Mini Xcalibur-E design has been developed to meet the need for a compact, easy to fly yet fully aerobatic jet sport model suitable to enable a newcomer to phigh power EDF to enjoy immediate success. The Mini Xcalibur will also entertain an experienced jet pilot with its superb aerobatic abilities and wide speed range, the low speed handling being outstanding, particularly when the effective central flap is deployed, allowing operation out of smaller sites, whilst the electric retract units help make grass field operation simple.

• Electric retracts Included
• Wheels Included
• Fibreglass fuselage
• Suits 90mm EDF
• Central flap
ESC 100A HV Brushless (Required)
Wingspan 1310mm (51.6”)
Length 1340mm (52.8”)
Weight 4.2Kg (9.3lbs)
Servos 7 x Mini (Required)
Radio System 7+ Channels (Required)
EDF Fan Diameter 90mm & 8S Brushless Motor (Required)
LiPo 8S (2 x 4S) Hi-Energy 4500mAh (Recommended)

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