SSP: £104.99
Part No: A-STM010

A semi-scale model of one of the most beautiful sailplanes flying in the world today. This model is fully moulded in crash resistant EPO foam which can be repaired using normal Cyano adhesive. Even the characteristic curved wingtips are there and contribute to its amazing low speed performance. This model will stay aloft on the merest whiff of lift and will respond positively to all elevator, aileron and rudder inputs. Climb from the perfectly matched motor and folding propeller is amazing for such a small battery and power on flight times can exceed 15 minutes. Get some lift and it could be way more!

Supplied with brushless motor, folding propeller, ESC and four servos ready fitted, all you have to do is fit your receiver and install a 1000mah 2 cell Li-Po and you are ready to go. Even the assembly of the main airframe parts can be done in less than 2 minutes and are as quick to disassemble for transport and storage.
Wingspan 2000mm
Length 880mm
Weight 520g
Servos 4x 9g (Inc.)
Radio System 4 Channel (Req.)
Wing Area 21dm2
Wing Loading 24.7g/dm2
S/C Rec Brushless 12A (Inc.)
LiPo Recommended Intellect 2S 1100/1300mAh 20C required
Electric Motor Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)

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