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Part No: A-STM120
ST Model FW-190A EP ARTF

The Fw-190A was a serious shock to the RAF when it came on the scene in 1942. Until the Spitfire MkIX arrived it completely outclassed the Spitfire MkV. No wonder it was nicknamed the 'Butcher Bird'! The Fw-190 swiftly became the mount of choice for many German fighter aces and remained in production in various guises for the rest of the war.

ST have re-created a fabulous scale version of the Fw-190A and lavished the level of detail on it that has not been seen on a foam model before.

There is a fully scale retracting undercarriage as standard with contoured doors that has working, sprung oleo struts. The split flaps have concealed linkages inside the wings and are amazingly effective. Slow, controlled landings on calm days are no problem at all. The control surface hinges are fully hidden and the horns/pushrods have been minimsed so as not to spoil the scale appearance.

The powerfull brushless, outrunner motor drives a scale, 3-bladed propeller through a scale spinner with integral fan. Just like the real one!!! The fan also provides the necessary cooling air flow to the motor, battery and ESC and that air exits via the scale exhaust recesses. Power control comes from the latest 36A ESC with integral BEC circuit. That BEC is more than enough for the five pre-installed, 9g servos.

The cockpit has a seat, control column and instrument panel and just needs a pilot to complete.

The stunning colour scheme and decals are the icing on the cake, giving this Fw-190 the 'wow' factor that she richly deserves.

Out on the field you quickly discover that the performance matches the looks. The controls are smooth, powerful and give the right level of feedback. The motor will power her through all the scale manoeuvres and many more. Big, wide loops and slow rolls are the order of the day!

Drop the flaps for landing and she settles into a controllled approach in just the right atttitude.

The Fw-190 from ST Model makes an ideal first warbird to fly (if you can stop yourself admiring it on the ground!)
Wingspan 1130mm (44.5")
Length 995mm (39.2")
Weight 990g (34.92oz)
Servos 5x 9g (Inc.)
Radio System 5 Channel (Req.)
Wing Area 21.3dm2 (
Wing Loading 46.5g/dm2
Speed Controller 36A (Inc.)
LiPo Recommended Intellect 3S 2100mAh 25C Square (Rec.)
Electric Motor Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)

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