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SSP: £12.99
Part No: F-GTLSA1
GT Power Aircraft Lighting System

This lighting set has been designed for use in aircraft and helicopters and features beacon, navigation and strobe lighting. A great way to add a level of scale realism to your models and it is extremely easy to install. Using long life, super-bright (3 & 5mm diameter) LEDs, you won’t fail to see any model they’re installed in! All LEDs or LED combinations have separate plugs fitted, so can be moved around for different lighting combinations!

This can be from your receiver or a separate power source.

• LED System Control Box 1pc
• Red Light Set (2pcs)
• White Strobe Light Set (2pcs)
• Red Navigation Light Set (1pcs)
• Green Navigation Light Set (1pcs)
• Landing Light Set (1pcs)
Voltage 4.8 - 6v (Recommend 6V for maximum brightness)

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