SSP: £91.99
Part No: L-OS11290
OS Engine MAX 12CV-R (10E-R)

The latest 12CV-R is a lesson in how to extract maximum performance from a small, compact package. A larger crankshaft gas passage and optimised port timings create the impressive power. Max 12CV-R (P) allows fitment to cars that require the 'Plain' style crankshaft and also uses the 10A slide carburettor. Only the 12CV-R is supplied with a drive washer.
Weight 210g
Displacement 2.11cu. In.
Bore 14.0mm 0.551in.
Stroke 13.7mm 0.539in
Power Output 1.3/30000 (BHP/RPM)
Practical RPM 4000-38000

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