SSP: £204.25
Part No: L-OS11375
OS Engine MAX 12TZ (P) - T5

A mega-high-performance version of the 12TZ. This engine features a 5-port liner arrangement which provides jaw-dropping levels of power. Please be aware this engine is not class 'legal' for official racing in the U.K, but is the perfect choice for "blowing away" the competition at informal gatherings. As you would expect on a high engine of this type, it comes with 'P' type crankshaft.
Weight 224.5g 7.92oz
Displacement 2.11cc 0.12cu. In.
Bore 13.8mm 0.543in.
Stroke 14.0mm 0.551in.
Power Output 1.62PS@34400 RPM
Practical RPM 5000-40000

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