SSP: £129.99
Part No: L-OS11830
OS Engine MAX 18CV-R

The biggest capacity engine in the CV series packs an amazing 1.35PS into a standard crankcase, yet will respond instantly and smoothly to throttle commands across the entire RPM range. Whether it's in a 1/10th scale Car or Monster Truck there's power to spare. Supplied with a superb slide carburettor and effective air filter as standard, the 18CV-R makes a logical choice for the discerning driver.
Weight 237g 8.38oz
Displacement 3.0cc 0.18cu in.
Bore 16.0mm 0.63in.
Stroke 15.0mm 0.591in
Power Output 1.35PS@28000 RPM
Practical RPM 3000-32000

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