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Part No: L-OS1CH00
O.S. SP-B21 Adam Drake Edition 2

O.S.SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 2 is a further refinement of the previous model that was born with the advice of world-class pro racer Adam Drake. O.S. finished with an engine that can win big races that match Drake's demands. The 16.4mm x 16.55mm bore x stroke is unique to this engine. A newly designed crankshaft was created to further improve the driving feeling. The latest engine refinements have been incorporated, such as an inner head that uses an 'O' ring with improved vibration reduction and dustproof performance and a ball link that makes it easy to adjust the linkage used in the B2103 carburettor.

Adam Drake is a world-class professional racer competing in the ROAR National Championships, the highest off-road race in the United States. He started playing with RC buggies in his backyard at the age of 8 and participated in his first race competitions at the young age of 14. He won the 1/8 ROAR Nitro buggy in 2013 and has been the title holder of a total of 5 ROAR champions to date. Has many followers around the world on Facebook and Twitter.

Battle History
2013 ROAR National Champion - 1/8th Nitro Buggy
2009 ROAR National Champion - 1/8th Nitro Buggy & 1/8th Electric Truck
2008 ROAR National Champion - Production Monster Truck
2007 ROAR National Champion - 1/8th Nitro Buggy
Weight 353 g (12.45 oz)
Displacement 3.49cc (0.213
Bore 16.4mm (0.646")
Stroke 16.55 mm (0.652 in.)
Power Output 2.65 ps (2.61 hp) @ 34,000 rpm
Practical RPM 4,000 - 42,000 rpm

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