SSP: £349.99
Part No: L-OS1CY01
O.S. MAX-21XR-B V.3 Buggy Combo Set

O.S. MAX-21XR-B V.3 Buggy Combo Set

O.S. Engines have introduced the new Max-21XR-B Ver.3 nitro engine for 1/8th Buggy and GT cars. The powerplant features a reduced piston weight for improved throttle response while the connecting rod is the same used with other Speed engines in order to improve durability. The newly designed crankshaft also improves throttle response thanks to a new countershape and timing. Always with a desire to offer more performance, the inner head features a redesigned shape of combustion chamber, improving response from low to medium speed range and achieve stable power characteristics in the high speed range. The Max-21XR-B Ver.? nitro engine comes with the double adjust J3-1 carburetor renowned for its ease of use and with two venturi inserts – a 6mm (orange) for the Off-Road class and 7mm (yellow) for the GT class. The cooling head offers a new shape and a new design. Offered as a combo package with silencer and manifold.
Weight 381g
Capacity 3.49cc
Bore 16.27mm
Stroke 16.8mm
Practical RPM 4,000 - 40,000 rpm

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