SSP: £144.99
Part No: L-RMXST01HD
TY1 Heavy Duty Starter (without Battery)

A super heavy-duty, geared starter for 1.60/2.00 class four strokes and 30cc to 55cc petrol engines. Would also suit .90 to 1.30 class helicopter engines.

Supplied with integral battery mount to suit a 4S 2200mAh 30C Li-po pack (O-HE4S1P220030A) which is not included. The Li-Po battery conversion adaptor lead is supplied, as is a lead for connecting to a 12v Lead-Acid battery if required.

The large Silicone drive 'rubber' is designed for larger spinners and is highly durable.
Gear Ratio 3.5 to 1
Top RPM 2700RPM with no load
Torque 45Kg/cm with 14.4v Li-Po
Torque 41Kg/cm with 12v Lead Acid

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