SSP: £24.99
Part No: M-CM05/05
Irvine 05 Cobalt Motor - 5 Turn

A highly efficient range of 'Cobalt' motors in three basic sizes and with various winding options for
each size (there's even a special Ducted Fan 480 motor). Each has a machined outer body, twin ball
races, Samarium Cobalt magnets and resin impregnated windings for maximum performance and
long life. The replacable Silver Graphite brushes have a high durability, if operated with the correct
number of cells, and timing can be adjusted for optimising power against duration. Each motor is
supplied with an aluminium propeller driver as standard. By using the information below, you can
check the performance against your requirement and choose the correct motor accordingly. If
you're looking for that little extra performance without the cost of going 'brushless' then try the new
Irvine Cobalt motors, you'll be surprised!

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