SSP: £28.75
Part No: M-KMSQ2213/06
KMS Quantum 2213/06 B'Less Motor

Quality, performance and value-for-money are all combined to provide electric motors that cover the smallest indoor models right up to sizes that are usually the domain of 50cc petrol engines. There are specialist helicopter motors, those suited to gearboxes and EDF and motors that offer a direct replacement power output for all the popular glow engine sizes. The Quantum 4120/05 for instance would be an ideal choice for a standard trainer like the Irvine Tutor 40.
The price and specification are right, so the choice is yours!
KV 2800
Length 26mm
Weight 58g
Max. Continuous Current (Amps) 21A
Pole 6
Propeller Range Helis
Resistance 79 mohm
Turns 6T
Max Current 25A/60S
Bearings 2
Diameter 28mm
ESC Timing Degrees 10-15 (Med)
I0 1.6A(10v)
LiPo 2-4 cells
NiCad/Ni-MH 5-12 cells
Max Efficiency >90%
Shaft dia 3.17mm

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