SSP: £84.99
Part No: O-GPMM3152
Great Planes Electrifly Triton Jr. DC Charger

Now you can get a charger with much of the
versatility of the Triton — for less! The Triton Jr. has
many of the same basic features of the original,
including the ability to charge, discharge and cycle,
and can be used with NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, Li-Ion,
and Pb batteries. It’s smaller in size and lighter in
weight, so it’s easier to transport and perfect for
smaller-sized electric flight applications.
• Ideal for small and large electric aircraft and heli
batteries, Tx and Rx packs and field batteries
• Charge at up to 5 amps, discharge up to 1 amp -
or cycle up to 5 times
• Handles up to 14 NiCd or NiMH cells, or 4S LiPo
• Features a rugged 4-direction membrane
touchpad - and a very simple programming menu
• The blue backlight on the 2 x 16 LCD screen is a
feature highly requested by modellers
• Unit is enclosed in a durable aluminium case

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