SSP: £24.99
Part No: O-HE3SHV155030A
Hi-Energy 3S 1550mAh 30C HV Li-Po

A high performance HV (11.55v) Li-Po pack with a handy built-in capacity checker for those that want that bit more performance from a Li-Po pack, but within a compact size and weight.

Unusually, there is also a small electronic capacity checker built in. No more guessing if the pack is charged or not, just press the button to check!

To use this performance fully, you will need a battery charger with an HV charge regime. The latest Sigma chargers like the EVO, ECO II, Touch II etc all have this.
Watt Hours 17.90Wh
Capacity 1550mAh
Max. Continuous Current (Amps) 46.5A (30C)
Voltage 11.55V

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