SSP: £34.99
Part No: O-HE4SHV155030A
Hi-Energy 4S 1550mAh 30C HV Li-Po

Hi-Energy Extreme High Voltage (HV) batteries are designed to offer even greater performance in sports applications yet still provide amazing value for money. This High Voltage LiPo has a built in LED battery status indicator. Simply press the button to see the level of charge remaining.

High Voltage LiPo batteries have a higher nominal and peak voltage. A HV cell peaks at 4.35V where a regular LiPo battery cell has a peak voltage of 4.20V. The nominal voltage of a HV battery is 3.8 volts where a typical LiPo is 3.7V. The voltage cut-out for a High Voltage LiPo is the same as a standard LiPo.

To get the benefit of a high voltage LiPo pack, you must use a charger with with an HV charge regime. Under no circumstances should you charge a regular LiPo to 4.35V per cell.

Supplied pre-soldered with a 'T' style connector commonly known as 'deans' style as used in many popular ready to use models. The balance lead is the popular JST XH type, suited to all of the Ripmax chargers and many others.
Balance Connector JST XH
Watt Hours 23.87Wh
Capacity 1550mAh
Max. Continuous Current (Amps) 46.5A (30C)
Voltage 15.4V

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