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Part No: P-CBF14N24SET6
F14 Complete Set 5 - 2.4GHz & 2 x Multi Switch Module

The F14 remote control system is a multi-switch system for ship models, trucks, special and construction vehicles. The modular transmitter concept with individual expansion possibilities gives you the possibility to expand the transmitter step by step.

If you want to control and switch many functions on your model, a special remote control system does not fail. "Normal" Proportional remote controls offer up to 12 proportional control channels. Joysticks, pushbuttons and rotary knobs control the positioning servo position with each intermediate position (proportional).

For function models with many switching functions, 12 proportional channels are rarely sufficient. In addition, the many switching functions (ON / OFF, such as lights) must always be "switched" with an electrical switch, which then would have to be controlled with proportional servos very cumbersome mechanically.

The multi-switch system F14 solves these problems by generating up to three proportional control functions, each with 16 individually operated switching functions. Overall, max. 48 switch and 5 proportional functions can be individually and separately controlled. Or 42 switching and 6 prop functions when using 3 x Multiswitch module 12 + 2 with the appropriate decoder.

Up to three decoders, which are equipped with switch outputs, are then connected to the respective receiver of the F14. These switching or proportional outputs can directly switch power consumers (lamps, motors, etc.) with up to 24W power.

This flexibility is unrivaled in this remote control class. The system F14 consists of individual modules, which the user can compile completely individually according to his own requirements. The transmitter can be operated with both 40MHz and 2.4GHz and is thus compatible with existing models that are equipped with a 40MHz receiver. New models can be equipped with 2.4GHz.

We offer the F14 remote control system in sets with different configurations. Alternatively, the F14 single sender can also be purchased and expanded according to your own ideas.

For assembling and assembling the sets we need about 3 weeks after receipt of order.

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