SSP: £89.99
Part No: P-RMX-ST
Ripmax Futaba Transmitter Case Standard 

Ripmax transmitter case for FUTABA transmitters.

The pre-cut foam insert ensures a secure hold and reliable protection for your FUTABA RC system. In addition, other compartments are pre-cut for the storage of additional accessories such as batteries, chargers, LiPo checkers or tools, etc.

This "Standard" version is compatible with FUTABA hand held transmitters such as T6K, T6L, T12K, T14SG, T16/18SZ T16IZ - and even suitable for car transmitters such as the T4PM/Plus, T7PX/R and T10PX. The case can be further customised and modified using the included pre-cut foam insert.

Spare foam inserts are also available for standard and the FX series (tray held transmitter) so that you can adapt the foam inserts to match the transmitter you wish to carry and store.


· Aluminum transmitter case
· Pre-cut foam insert for hand-held transmitter

*Shown here with accessories such as transmitter, receiver, tool and battery which are not included with the case.
Dimensions 385 x 275 x 150 mm - Internal
Dimensions 410 x 310 x 170 mm - External

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