SSP: £129.99
Part No: P-SBS-01TAS
Futaba SBS-01TAS True Airspeed Telemetry Sensor (T-FHSS/FASSTest)

Suitable for use with both Futaba T-FHSS and FASSTest telemetry enabled receivers.

The SBS-01TAS is a 'True Airspeed Indicator' that measures the speed of the model using a pitot tube mounted on the model to give an accurate measurement of the airspeed in real time. This is particularly useful on windy days as GPS type speed sensors can only indicate the speed a plane is moving relative to the ground so can give very different readings depending on whether the model is flying into wind or downwind.

• Measures speeds from 9 to 373mph! (15 to 600kp/h)
• Weighs only 16g

• SBS-01TAS Sensor
• Flexible Tube
• Pitot tube
• Blanking Plug/Flag
• Manual

1. Connect the SBS-01TAS sensor to the receiver’s S.BUS2 port.

2. Install SBS-01TAS inside the aircraft away from wind turbulence and vibration. Mount the sensor unit using double sided tape or similar.

3. Install the Pitot tube horizontally and pointing towards the front of the model. Be sure to mount
the Pitot tube where it will not be affected by turbulence from the propeller's slipstream. Mount securely and horizontal, pointing forward. The Pitot tube tip must be placed at least 15mm away from the leading edge of the wing. Be sure to occasionally check the Pitot tube for obstructions.

4. Connect the SBS-01TAS main unit to the Pitot tube using the supplied silicone tube. Cut the
length of the silicon tube according to the aircraft. Be sure the silicone tube is not kinked,
and that any bends do not disturb airflow.
Weight 16g (0.56 oz)
Speed 15 - 600kp/h (9 - 373 mph)
Voltage 3.7 - 7.4V

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