SSP: £159.99
Part No: P-SBS/01G
Futaba SBS-01G GPS Telemetry Sensor (FASSTest/T-FHSS)

This highly advanced Futaba sensor allows you to measure the position ( longitude & latitude), distance, speed, rate of climb/decent and altitude of you aircraft using GPS data and the inbuilt atmospheric pressure sensor for accurate readings.

This system is only compatible with Futaba transmitters that have FASSTest telemetry capability such as the 18MZ and 14SG. Simply plug the sensor into the S-Bus2 Slot in your FASSTest RX and away you go.

• Speed Range: 0 - 311mph (Approx)
• Altitude Range: -700m - +5,500m (Approx)
• Vario Meter: -336 - +336mph (Approx)
Length 175mm (6.9")
Weight 11g (0.388oz)
Voltage 3.7 - 7.4V

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