SSP: £59.99
Part No: P-SBS/01RM
Futaba SBS-01RM Magnetic RPM Telemetry Sensor (FASSTest/T-FHSS)

Suitable for use with both Futaba T-FHSS and FASSTest telemetry enabled receivers.

A magnetic RPM sensor with a range from 360 to 50,000 RPM. This sensor, when used in conjunction with a telemetry enabled transmitter/receiver, is used to indicate the rpm of the item to which it is attached (engine, a motor, cooling fan, etc. ). The gives a real-time view of the rpm of the item being monitored.

A magnet must be mounted in the item being measures and the sensor fixed within 2mm of the magnet to read the rpm.

To install this correctly you will need to purchase either a 30-Size mount (Y-1M15Q00202) or a 60-Size mount (Y-1M15Q00301).

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