SSP: £39.99
Part No: P-SBS/01S
Futaba SBS-01S Servo Telemetry Sensor (FASSTest/T-FHSS)

Suitable for use with both Futaba T-FHSS and FASSTest telemetry enabled receivers.

Another first (as far as we are aware) for Futaba is this new servo sensor, which can be connected to one or two S-Bus2 servos to monitor their operation, current consumption and temperature whilst in operation, with the information being shown on screen. For the first time it will be possible to see exactly how much current is being taken by an individual servo under actual flight loads in real-time, which will allow more accurate servo selection and ensure that highly stressed servos are not overloaded.
Length 270mm
Weight 7g
Dimensions 49 x 15 x 6mm

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