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SSP: £2399.99
Part No: Q-FL150
Flying Legends Hawker Hunter MkVI Kit

This superb 1/6th scale replica of the world famous Hawker Hunter is of fully moulded composite construction and is designed to suit turbines of 80 to 120 Newtons thrust levels. Developed from the original design of world famous scale modeller Mick Reeves, a great deal of work has been expended to produce an accurate scale model that can be owned and flown by any competent model jet pilot.

Supplied pre-painted in characteristic RAF colour scheme, much of the detailed work has been completed at the factory, including the installation of the retractable undercarriage, scale oleo legs and wheels, as well as all undercarriage doors, rear fuselage airbrake and operating rams. Optional extras include a fully detailed and finished cockpit interior and drop tanks, as well as a stainless steel twin wall tailpipe.
Wingspan 1730mm (68”)
Length 2360mm (93”)
Weight 12-13Kg (26.5 - 28.5Lbs)
Servos 8 - 10 Servos (Req.)
Radio System 8 Channel Minimum (Req.)
Turbine 80 - 120 Newton Thrust (Req.)

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