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SSP: £12999.99
Part No: R-91600000
OS Live Steam Forte Kit - Freelance Narrow Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive

Suitable for beginners!! The originally designed cute looking powerful 5-inch gauge locomotive attracts everyone. The 3-unit detachable design makes you easy to carry it without someone's help. Now the powerful 5-inch locomotive at reasonable price is within your reach.

Gauge: 127mm (5 inch) or 121mm (4-3/4 inch)
Driving Wheel Diameter: 86mm
Cylinders: 30mm Bore, 44mm Stroke, 4 Drain Cocks (Manual Type)
Valve Type: Slide Valve, Valve Travel 12mm
Valve Gear: Marchall Valve Gear
Boiler: All Copper, Silver Soldered with Two Safety Valves
Hydraulic Test Pressure: 1.2MPa
Water Volume: 2000cc (Approx)
Great Size: 94 x 114mm
Fuel: Coal
Regulator: Screw Type
Water Feed: Axle Driven Pump (13mm Bore, 12mm Stroke)
Hand Pump: 14mm Bore, 35mm Stroke
Lubricator: Wakefield Type Mechanical Lubricator
Oil Tank Capacity: 32cc
Whistle: Ø12.7 * 100mm
Water Tank: Side Tank Volume 800cc (x2)
Minimum Turning Radius: 3.8m
Maximum Hauling Capacity: 5 Passengers (Including Driver)
Height 440mm
Length 625mm
Width 287mm
Weight 45kg (Dry)
Wheelbase 232mm
Capacity 5 Passengers (Including Driver)
Build Type Engineers Kit
Fuel Required Coal
Ages 18+

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