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Part No: R-9200000
OS Live Steam Baldwin B1 Kit

The picture is a prototype. OPA (option · accessory) attached · Chimney, jacket, cab is painted and painted, cylinder and small parts are not painted.

Founded in Philadelphia, USA in 1825, Baldwin Locomotive Works was the world's largest locomotive manufacturing company producing locomotives of about 70,000 locomotives including steam locomotives. The steam locomotive of the company was also imported into Japan and was active in various places. This model scaled down the 1929 type Bold WIN B type 1 imported as a forest railway for wood transportation at 1 / 8.56.

Options (Ring for Details): Headlight, generator (dummy), window, step, dummy check valve, cylinder top cover, dummy whistle, dummy piping etc.

Gauging: 89mm (3.5")
Driving Wheel: 83mm Diameter
cylinder: Inner (23mm Diameter)
Process: 34mm
Drain Cock: 4 pieces (Manual Type)
Valve Type: Slide Valve
Valve Travel: 6.6mm
Valve Device: Stevenson Formula
Boiler: 0-4-2 (Material: Copper and Copper Alloy)
Weight: 5.8kg
Fuel: Coal or LPG
Regulating Valve: Screw Type
Water supply device: Shaft Driven Pump (f8mm x 12mm)
Manual Pump: f12mm x 17mm
Lubricator: Wakefield Type
Oil Tank Volume (steam oil): 26cc
Steam Whistle: Steam type (f12.7mm x 100mm)
Weight: 28kg (Dry)
Water tank: Side Tank Water Capacity (500cc x2)
Total length: 688mm
Overall width: 258mm
Overall height: 361mm
Wheelbase: 134mm
Minimum Turning Radius: 3.8 m
Maximum Number of Passengers: 3 people (Including Driver)
Height 361mm
Length 688mm
Width 258mm
Weight 28kg
Wheelbase 134mm
Capacity 3 people (Including Driver)
Fuel Required Coal

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