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Part No: S-ZAPPT26
ZAP Gel Cyano (28.3g/1oz)

Zap Gel is the thickest ZAP cyanoacrylate (Super) glue of all and it great for filling gaps. The role playing gaming industry uses Zap Gel for gluing pewter and plastic figures, fly tiers and custom lure manufactures like it because it stays where they want it. Jewelry makers like the high strength and the ability to apply just the right amount. Model builders also like the high strength features and use it for servo mounts, laminating, gluing plywood, anywhere a fast curing high strength joint is needed. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise application.

• Super thick formula
• Jelly like concentrated ca
• Will not run or flow
• Patented no-drip tip
• Can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces
• Use zip kicker to accelerate cure time

Works best on:
• Aluminium
• China
• Ceramic
• Fibreglass
• Metal
• Most Plastics
• Pewter
• Rubber
• Wood
Weight 28.3g (1oz)

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