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SSP: £114.99
Part No: T-ANEM01
Ripmax Anemometer

A small, bone-shaped lightweight instrument that is perfect for reading wind speeds with one hand. Its low-friction, ball-bearing mounted vane wheel design provides high accuracy at both low and high wind speeds. A built-in microprocessor circuit ensures excellent performance and accuracy.

• Concise and compact button arrangement makes operation easy
• Memorize the maximum and minimum values with recall
• Air speed units may be changed - 5 options available with a push of a button
• Hold function to freeze the current reading value

Display - 8mm LCD
Range - 1.4 to 108.0km/hr (0.9 to 67.0 mph)

In order to prolong battery life, the instrument has an 'Auto Power Off' function which switches it off after 10 minutes of inactivity and no buttons being pressed.

Requires a heavy duty or Alkaline 9v battery...

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