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Part No: T-EZ72
Eze Tissue (Blue) (5 sheets per pack) (BD72)

A specially developed lightweight tissue paper that is ideal for covering lightweight balsa constructed model aircraft. It is superior to many other tissues and its features include:

• Exceptionally low weight
• High strength to weight ratio
• High wet strength
• Available in a range of colours

This tissue is designed to be bonded with Deluxe Materials Tissue paste (S-SE50) and subsequently sealed and made airproof with multiple coats of Deluxe Materials Eze Dope (S-SE53).

Supplied in 75cm x 50cm wide size sheets and in a range of colours. The Blue Tissue pack contains 5 sheets of tissue and fully illustrated instructions for use.

Deluxe Materials describe covering with their new Eze Tissue, the first choice covering for the Centurion, the latest model from the Vintage Model Company (VMC).
Featured in AeroModeller magazine - December 2021.

Download a pdf of the article here:

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