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SSP: £39.99
Part No: TT2708
TT Innovator PC Software

Access the most minute settings of your Innovator with the powerful PC Software (sold separately) by simply connecting the helicopter to your PC via a USB link. Adjust throttle curve, pitch curve, servo travel, gyro gain, and much more. The software also displays alarm messages, detailed status of the onboard ICS system.

Require Window XP or Vista

• EASY OPERATION : Upon installing the exclusive Innovator PC Software, detailed setting functions are clearly displayed on your monitor for a much easier read and navigation.

• Alarm Analysis: The Innovator PC Software displays alarm messages and detailed status of the unit. When an alarm is displayed, the software also displays the detailed signification of the alarm.

• Flight Set-Point Data Customization: The Innovator PC Software fully customizes all settings traditionally performed on a conventional transmitter. These include throttle curve, pitch curve, ATV, Gyro Gain, and etc. The RC simulator allows you to test and confirm your customized settings before going to the airfield.

• Flight Simulator: An RC flight simulator is bundled in with the Innovator PC software. The Innovator helicopter models are included in the flight simulator to test-fly new settings and configurations.

• Data Log Analysis: The Innovator PC Software also analyzes flight data recorder on the onboard control device. When analyzing the recorded data, the Innovator PC Software displays specific info such as battery / cell in use, output voltage for each cell, battery voltage, cell temperature, motor rpm and any changes made on the recorded data.

• Software Updates & More: Newest information and software upgrade for the Innovator can be downloaded directly from the website at The Innovator website contains a wealth of resources and information, including technical data, beginners training programs, 3D flight videos and latest news.

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