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SSP: £99.99
Part No: A-U818AWIFI
UDI U818AW Discovery with WiFi FPV Camera

The U818A FPV is an evolution of the popular UDI Discovery quadcopter. FPV stands for ‘First Person View’ and just like in a video game, it means you see the action as it happens from onboard the quadcopter itself. A micro camera is built onto the bottom of the body that streams video live to and mobile phone (not included) over a WiFi connection. The Discovery is designed to be lightweight and tough featuring moulded propellor guards to protect from damage.

Altitude Hold
The U818AWifi comes equipped with an 'Altitude Hold' feature for easy and precise flying. The built-in sensors that measure the height your flying at to give you an even more stable quadcopter. If you move the throttle stick forward the Discovery goes increases in height but when you centre the throttle the Discovery 'locks-in' at its current height until you tell it what to do! This make it easy to learn to fly but it also makes for smoother video with a constant height.

Wi-Fi Control
The Discovery features a Wi-Fi connection allowing for a live video stream and control from a suitable phone.

HD Camera
Forward-facing HD camera takes video and photos with great colour and white balance straight to your phone.

One Button Take Off
The drone will hover at certain altitude automatically after taking off.

One Button Landing
The drone will fly down slowly and land on the ground automatically before the motors stopping.

Headless Mode
Fly the quadcopter just ignore the direction.

2.4GHz Controller
Smart simple to use controler with a ergonomic design with 2.4GHz connection security.

USB Charger
Equipped with USB charger for easy one the go charging using a power bank (Not included).

Multi Axis Gyro
6-axis gyro for stability and precise positioning accuracy.

Strong Airframe
The design with tough and lightweight features. The Blade guards are designed to protect the quadcopter from crashing against hard surface.
Camera 1280 x 720 720p HD Camera
Flight Time 6 - 7 mins
FPV System 40m
Memory Micro SD (Rec.)
Mobile App Flyingsee (Apple or Android)
Range 100m
Width 340mm
Height 92mm
Length 340mm
Radio System Radio System 2.4GHz (Inc.)
Charger USB (Inc.)
Electric Motor 4 (Inc.)
LiPo 2 x 1S (Inc.)
Gyro 6 Axis (Inc.)

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