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SSP: £509.99
Part No: L-OS1A20A

Ty Tessmann has delivered a power plant that's worthy of his winning pedigree with the Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II. Unique features include a low-profile cylinder head designed by Ty, a 5.8 mm carb reducer and laser-etched engravings of Ty's signature on the crankshaft cylinder head and crankcase.

  • Special low-profile cylinder head with double-height vertical fins, designed by Ty Tessmann.
  • Crankshaft cylinder head and crankcase feature a laser-etched engraving of Ty Tessmann's signature.
  • 5.8 mm carb reducer.
  • 21J3 (B) slide valve carburetor.
  • P3 Turbo glow plug.
  • Exhaust seal ring.
  • Dust cap set.

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