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SSP: £489.99
Part No: L-OS1A301
O.S. Speed B2102 Combo

One look at the Speed B2102 engine and you'll notice: the cylinder head is significantly shorter than those found on similar power plants. It definitely looks cool, but looks are just a small part of it.

The Speed B2102's lower profile drops the center of gravity by an impressive 17 millimeters. That boosts your buggy's handling big-time, which can be a real difference-maker on race day. Mount the Speed B2102 in your ride and you'll go low, while the others go home.

  • Unveiled at the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 Off-Road World Championships
  • Hug the track and conquer the corners like never before, and without sacrificing cooling performance
  • Ceramic bearings let you run cooler with no special handling or cleaning — they're also lighter, create less friction and last longer than steel bearings
  • Enjoy up to ten minutes of run time per tank with the Speed B2102's more fuel-efficient 22C carburettor
  • O.S. Speed innovations include a tungsten weighted crank shaft with diamond-like coating and silicon potting
  • Supplied complete with a T2090SC muffler

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