SSP: £84.99
Part No: M-OS51010915
O.S. OMA-3815-1000 Brushless Motor

This small motor is intended to power models designed for .15 (2.5cc) size engines. As the mounting bolt pattern is identical to many other brands, it allows easy replacement with superior OS power and quality with minimum fuss.

By choosing the right size of propeller to suit your model, this motor can use 9 x 6 to 12 x 6SF size propellers from a 3S Li-Po battery pack.

Note: To find out if this motor will suit your model please download the instructions as there are power charts showing the performance and setup you can achieve.
Connectors 3.5mm (Inc.)
Poles 14
Length 37.8mm
Weight 130g
Bearings 3
Voltage 11.1v
Max Current 45A
Current Range 50 - 70A
Diameter 37mm
ESC Timing Degrees 20 - 30 Degrees
KV RPM 1000
Max Efficiency 85%
Shaft dia 5mm
Shaft Length 11.7mm

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