SSP: £7.99
Part No: O-HE1S1P016030A
Hi-Energy Extreme 1S 160mAh 30C Li-Po (2pcs)

Hi-Energy Extreme batteries are designed to offer great performance in sports applications and amazing value for money. This small 1S Li-Po battery comes with the popular 'E-Flite' style nose moulding and plug. Designed to be used with various micro aircraft such as E-flite ultra micro and Thunder Tiger micro models.

This type of battery and connector is suited the popular Ripmax Hex charger and many others.
Weight 4.5g (Each)
Capacity 160mAh
Max Continuous Discharge 4.8A (30C)
Max Charge Rate 0.48A (3C)
Voltage 3.7v
Dimensions 41 x 11 x 5mm (Inc. moulding)

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