SSP: £359.99
Part No: P-CB12K-LUK
Futaba T12K 12-Channel 2.4GHz Combo with R3008SB (Mode 2)

The Futaba 12K radio system offers a full 12 proportional plus 2 switched channels as well as extensive telemetry functions utilising Futaba's well known T-FHSS transmission system, whilst also enabling non-telemetry use via the also included S-FHSS system. The backlit transmitter display provides all of the important information with just a quick glance on the home screen. It is simple and easy to navigate through the intuitive menu with the newly developed wheel interface and two option buttons. The new, compact yet ergonomically designed transmitter case is finished in a beautiful satin black with bold silver accents. There are 8 main switches (1x 2-Position, 1x 2-Position sprung and 6x 3-Position), 2 rotary dials and 2 easy-to-reach rear sliders. On the back there is an S-Bus port, headphone jack and a trainer jack, with a Micro SD slot for expandable memory in the battery box. All this combined means the Futaba 12K provides a high-quality and sophisticated 12(+2) channel radio control system with high performance specifications at a attractive price point.

The T12KA is supplied with a full range R3008SB 8-Channel T-FHSS receiver as standard. The R3008SB has 8 channels, diversity aerials for the best signal reception, S-Bus output and HV capability.

• 12 (+2) Channel radio control system
• Select either Futaba T-FHSS or S-FHSS 2.4GHz transmission systems
• 30 Internal model memories (expandable using a Micro SD card)
• Telemetry output via display or voice (using optional headphones)
• S-Bus2 port
• Vibration alarm
• 10 Character model/user names
• 5 Flight conditions for helicopters
• S-Bus data editor (sensors/servos)
• Servo monitor
• Extensive mixers
• Extensive heli menu
• 5 Point curves pitch/throttle
• Swash plate mix/throttle mix
• Swashplate AFR/swashplate ring
• Extensive glider menu: 4 wing types, 2 tail types
• Dedicated multicopter menu
• Futaba R3008SB 2.4GHz 8 channel T-FHSS receiver included

Box Contents
• Futaba T12K Transmitter
• Futaba R3008SB Receiver
• HT5F1800B NiMH Transmitter Battery
• 230V AC Mains Charger for NiMH

Optional Upgrade
• FT2F2100B Li-Fe Battery (Use only with LiFe charger)
Mode 2
Modulation T-FHSS Air, S-FHSS
Receiver Futaba R3008SB 8 Channel T-FHSS (Inc.)
Sliders 2
Switches 8
Transmission Power 100mW EIRP
Dials 2
Weight 800g
Channels 12 + 2
Frequency 2.4GHz
Voltage 6 - 6.6V

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