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Product Recall

Futaba 32MZ

To all Futaba 32MZ Owners,

Futaba have recently advised us of a potential minor issue with a small number of 32MZ transmitters, where an inconsistency in the resistance of a stick connector can lead to small variations in the neutral position of the stick, affecting in turn the trim of the model being flown.

Although only very minor trim changes would be noticed in the rare event of a transmitter developing this problem, Futaba rightly have decided that this risk is unacceptable, so have supplied replacement components to allow us to replace those currently installed.

As the 32MZ is a complicated set, swapping these components and then recalibrating the set does take a significant amount of engineering time, so we urge all 32MZ owners to arrange to return their set to us at the following address as soon as possible, so that it turn we can complete the work required and get the set returned - there will of course be no charge for carrying out the required rework, and we do apologise for any inconvenience this recall causes.

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